It starts out innocently enough. You pull up to a grocery market looking to buy a few things for tonight’s dinner. You browse up and down the aisles, stopping here and there to give a once over to a few items. They catch your eye maybe because of their attention grabbing packages or the use of attractive buzz words such as, ‘all natural’ and ‘made with real fruit’. Drawn into the food labeling rhetoric you stock up on corn, several dairy products, a few cases of soda, and a variety of processed meats.

You go home, make a lovely dinner for you and your family, turn on the news, and release a sigh of relief upon learning that two local men were arrested for marijuana distribution. Can you imagine having such dangerous villains on our streets?

Your 8 year old daughter releases her own sigh of relief.

“What are you reading dear”, you ask as you chuckle at the disastrous fashion sense of a Kardashian girl at the Met Gala.
“Millions around the world are gonna be marching against Monsanto, Mommy!!”
Staring blankly at your little girls strange word and even stranger enthusiasm you say, “Mono-santa-what???! You’re such a silly girl.”

But is she really? In under five minutes, you can learn of the very real dangers of what you have been feeding your family for years.

So what is Monsanto?
Monsanto is a US based agriculture company which genetically engineers their products. Genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s have been banned or restricted in over 50 countries. Hungary announced on Wednesday May 29, 2013 that they set fire to and destroyed over 1,200 acres of Monsanto GMO corn.

Quick Facts:
Monsanto has claimed there is no need to study the effects of genetically modified foods in humans or to the environment, because according to studies, GMO’s are safe. However. As The Atlantic points out, those studies date back to the 1960’s.
Genetically modified seeds produced by the Monsanto Company are responsible for the devastating and very serious bee colony collapse disorder. According to Chicago Now “in 2012, an epidemic swept through commercial bee colonies killing up to 50% of the nations’ bee colonies used to pollinate crops for farmers”. If you watched the DreamWorks flick starring Jerry Seinfeld, the one surprising fact you may have learned is that bees are essential to human survival. Our food supply greatly depends on the work of honeybees. Bees pollinate the crops we consume and the plants that cattle consume…. No bees, no fruit, no vegetables, no meat.

Former Vice President of Monsanto, Michael R. Taylor, currently holds a top position in the Food and Drug Administration as the Deputy Commissioner for the FDA.
Former Director of the Monsanto Danforth Center, Roger Beachy, now holds the title of Director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture at the USDA.
Islam Siddiqui, once a major Monsanto lobbyist is now a Agriculture Trade Representative.
Don’t expect food transparency with these guys.

Why should you care?
GMO’s have been linked to cancer, infertility & sterility, birth defects & increased infant mortality, intestinal damage & digestive issues, food allergies, and leukemia among other disorders and diseases.

Now what?
Currently, GMO foods do not have to be labeled but that can be changed. Don’t you think you have a right to know what is in your food? Log onto to contact the FDA and Congress.







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