Every once in a while we get the opportunity to speak with someone who inspires us. Their story acts as a magnet. It draws us in and pulls us closer almost instantly. Within their words we catch glimpses of our own story. We immediately understand the language of our own soul being told through the words of another. We witness ourselves from the outside looking in. This instant connection can be quite moving and is almost always life changing.

September 2, 2010
On September 2, 2010 while driving to a work meeting, my Daddy (who is also and always has been my best friend and Hero) was in a fatal car accident. I remember my mind attempting to process this unbearable reality while my heart attempted to pound out of my chest. I was broken hearted. I was lost.
In a heartbeat, I was living my worst fear and there was no escaping this new reality. I had to learn to live with this enormous pain. Life for me now is broken into two distinct parts, Before and after. Who I was and who I am evolving into. I went from a carefree girl, living in a safe and beautiful world to a woman who felt so lost and destroyed.

I thank God for the strength He gives me. I would be unable to stand if not for the strength the Lord sends.
I thank God for allowing love to be eternal. Nothing can separate me from my Daddy. I feel him all the time. I thank God for allowing me to continue to feel his presence.
I thank God for everything. God is great all of the time.

I have discovered that what comforts me greatly is being there for others who, like myself, lost a loved one suddenly and/or tragically.

November 2010
In November of 2010, I created a Facebook group, “Sudden and Tragic Loss”. Here, I am able to connect with others like myself who understood the pain of losing a loved one suddenly. I wanted to be able to be there for them when the pain seems too much to bear.

I want to be there for them at that moment when the pain feels insurmountable to let them know–

I am always available to you. To vent, to cry, to scream, to listen, to be a friend to you. I am always here for you.
Sudden and Tragic Loss Support Group

I also created a webpage where I share my story.


But my story is only one side of sudden and tragic loss. It is for that reason that I have decided to invite the members of “Sudden and Tragic Loss” to share their stories. I know it is not an easy task that I am inviting them to take on– To dig into the depths of their painful journey and bare their wounds to the world. It’s hard enough for us to confront this pain by ourselves, let alone sit down, really inspect ourselves and think about our reality, then write it out to be read by countless others. They are truly brave and inspiring individuals.

Thankfully what we find, is that in the process of revealing our personal story to others, something beautiful and remarkable develops in our own spirits.
Sharing our stories has the power to help heal not only the hearts of others but our own broken hearts as well.

I am so proud of those who have shared their stories with me and those who will do so in the future. I am so encouraged by your strength and I see parts of myself in all of your stories, as I am sure many others do as well. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt your words will touch, inspire, and positively affect someone *(more likely many someones!!).

Your honest words are inspirational gifts to those who feel defeated. You are a vision of hope and strength,
and I thank you.

Please continue to check back frequently to
I will be posting more of my own words, my original photography, and guest blogs.

If you are interested in sharing your story of hope, please don’t hesitate to email me:

(To begin, you can submit an email stating your interest and we can go from there together. Completed entries are submitted in an interview format in which the writer and I engage in, blog format, poetry, etc. These articles are personal to you and your story so feel free to create a piece personal to you in a format that speaks to you.)

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