One of the most interesting things to do is simply nothing~ To find yourself silent, lost in a crowd, observing all around you. To not become a part of the scene rather to become a passive observer. To discover the stories being told all around you simply by existing in a moment.

Here are some of the stolen moments I captured while people watching. What stories do they reveal to you?

and always keep in mind,

“There are no innocent bystanders … what are they doing there in the first place?” -William S. Burroughs


toronto-painting-work toronto-graffiti-streetart toronto-construction sad-santa-nyc Philly-smoking-guy-lotto people-walking-matching-clothes-toronto ocean-city-new-jersey-boardwalk brooklyn-dog-walk crazy-lady-woman-dogs-toronto-canada_edited-1dean-deluca-nyc-people-bookstore

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  1. I am the kind of person that likes to show appreciation for great writing. I thank you for writing this and making it so interesting.

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