First post to “Dating While Waiting” will reveal a little bit of background on “Why I’m Single”. Every single person gets asked this question. Single men love asking single women why their single but rarely do they get an honest response. This video explains that I’m single because I’m a freakin creep. I’ve got nothin’ to hide:-) Enjoy

Why I’m Single

While eating french fries with vinegar and stuffing my face with chocolate cake, I noticed two older couples on a double date. The one gentleman kept spittin’ dating advice as the women would interject their two cents.

I “innocently” started videotapping “my friend” but you could still hear the couple in the background. : wink, wink :

My friend proceeded to call me a creep and tell me this is why I’m single. So, I made this video about it. All in fun, of course. But you can decide. : )

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