Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, MCHG will go platinum before it even hits store shelves. In collaboration with Samsung, Jay-Z created a promotional MCHG app for Samsung users which can be downloaded here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsungmobileusa.magnacarta

The first 1 million Samsung users to download the app will receive MCHG on July 4th, a full 3 days before its official release. (Lucky~!)

Initially, the Recording Industry Association of America or RIAA stated that although Samsung purchased the 1 million digital downloads, that those sales would not count towards platinum certification until a full 30 days after the official July 4th release date.

The RIAA has gone about business this way for the last 55 years. But one day, Jay-Z woke up and said, “I think I want to go Platinum before I even officially release my record”, and soon new rules were being written.

And changes were not made simply because he is “Jay-Z the rapper” but because he is Jay-Z the brand, Mr. Shawn Carter the “Business, Man”. He is a genius. He is a hustler. He came up with a great marketing ploy that benefits everyone involved. Samsung wins for aligning themselves with the Jay-Z brand, Jay-Z goes platinum basically instantly, and the RIAA modernizes the way they do business. The RIAA was forced to step into the 21st Century and realize the game is changing.

It is that hustler spirit in Jay-Z that so many of us admire.

Jay-Z is a trendsetter. He is strategic and smart. MCHG is all about writing new rules because Jay-Z knows that in order for him to maintain his brand and allow his empire to keep growing not only does he have to be great he has to be ahead of the times and he has to constantly think outside of the box. If Jay-Z thought like everybody else, Jay-Z would be like everybody else.

(Note: In 1999, Blaze Magazine did an article on Jay-Z where it posed the question, ‘What if Jay-Z wasn’t Jay-Z?’ What if he was a dude working at McDonalds? Who would Jay be? Where would he be without his hustler spirit? I absolutely loved the creativity and thought behind the article. I ripped out the cover and had it hanging on my wall. I think anyone who looked at Jay-Z’s music could tell he was special right away, but if you looked even more closely and you looked at Jay-Z the man it was always apparent he was special. He wasn’t ordinary, he was extraordinary. His potential too great, mind too sharp, hustler spirit too instinctual. I wish I could find that magazine and re-read that article today. At the time the article was forecasting Jay-Z to become great but even then I don’t know if anyone could foresee his eventual rise to the man behind a billion dollar empire. Hustler spirit, period.)

It is almost impossible to not be inspired by Mr. Carter and learn something from his business moves. We can learn so much from him no matter what our hustle is. Take notes or get left behind.

If a lane doesn’t exist~ CREATE ONE

Recognize & own your self-worth~ brand YOURSELF

Be so good the only thing they can do is~ EMBRACE you or RESPECT you


Here’s a photo of the BLAZE magazine cover, if any of you remember reading this give me a shout out**



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