Bless My Struggle~

Shortly after my Dad’s accident I started a facebook support group for those grieving the sudden loss of a loved one. Losing someone in that way, the grieving process is so different & unless you have experienced that, you can never truly understand the emotional roller coaster that life becomes. I have grown close to some of the members and am friends with a few on my personal facebook page.

Recently, I’ve witnessed a really miraculous thing…

Like a sweeping effect of positivity, the individuals I’m friends with on here, I’ve seen their statuses align in recent months & turn into testaments of God’s Blessings. They’ve all shared such positive statuses about the wonderful blessings going on in their lives, (a dream job, a growing business endeavor, a dream relationship, good health, and other beautiful blessings). I just know our loved ones have a hand in all of this and are so proud!!

& just know~ You all, without even knowing it, are inspirations to those feeling the weight of their pain & who don’t see their storm calming. You are beacons of hope for them. The members in my group are so, so strong & have such beautiful spirits. I become overwhelmed with joy each time I see a status of something wonderfully positive going on in their lives.

To everyone: Count your Blessings; each day there
are victories– small or large, size does not matter!

And yes, there will be waves of grief that flood your spirit~ but get back up!! God has more Blessings in store for you & He will not give you anything you cannot handle.

Thank Him for the small victories and don’t be washed out by the waves!!!!!!!!!!!


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