How a bottle of tequila landed me a commercial spot:

Back in the summer I had the opportunity to be part of an amazing weekend. As a thank you to the friend who invited me I wanted to get their fav bottle of tequila. Ever the fancy pants, their favorite happens to be a tequila sold only in a few, select stores. My search for this elusive bottle brought me to a liquor store in the Saucon Valley Promenade Shops. Walking back to my car, tequila in tow, I suddenly found myself gazing into the window of the Cap Blue Cross insurance building. The spot my Ma had been telling me for months to check out. Feelin’ super creepy for peering through the floor to ceiling windows, I decided to finally just go in.

I met with agent Kervis, who was great. He was friendly, knowledgeable and took his time answering ALL of my questions. I work for myself so I don’t receive health benefits through my employer. I actually applied for health insurance that very same afternoon and felt very confident with my decision. Anyone shopping for health insurance knows the process can be overwhelming! (Any LV’rs looking to get coverage, go see the folks at the store. Everyone you encounter is warm & approachable! Check them out here:

A week or so later, Kervis left me a message on my answering machine. Anyone who has my phone number knows I’m the *absolute worst* at calling, texting, and returning calls and that I hardly ever check my voicemails. Soooo, I definitely missed the initial call. Thankfully, the office called me back a few days later and although I wasn’t home to pick up I did end up checking my voicemail. I called back but at this point, I had no idea the nature of the call.

I rang them back and to my surprise they were calling to ask me if I’d like to part of a commercial they were going to be filming. I scheduled my interview and shooting date right away. Nervous to film but too excited at the opportunity to turn it down I hyped myself up and wrote a blog (read it here: I thought of my Daddy & how proud he would be that I have insurance annnnnd that I was going to be in a commercial! 🙂 I had to do it, no matter how nervous it made me, it was an opportunity to make my Daddy proud!

I remember a few years back, while on vacation with my Ma and two aunts in Vegas, a gentleman approached me during a concert. He introduced himself as a photographer who freelances for JET mag. Back in the day, as soon as JET arrived in the mail, boys and girls and men and women alike, flipped right to the Beauty of the Week page to see who the new girl was. He told me he would like to photograph me for Beauty of the Week. I was completely caught off guard and beyond flattered. He returned to his seat and just in time for him to be out of an earshot my loud Italian Aunt Patsy yells across the table, “You don’t know anything about him!! He could be a killer! No way are you going!”, my Mom reached for the slip of paper that he handed me with his information written on it. He apologized for not having a business card on him which made my Italian trio even more suspicious.

Moments later, the performing group started their set by introducing that very same gentleman to the audience. It was LaMonte McLemore of the Grammy award winning group, The 5th Dimension. Suddenly the spotlight was on the man who just seconds before walked away from our table. The entire audience was clapping in appreciation.

Note: I felt a little more comfortable knowing everything he said could be verified but as a woman, you always have to be cautious!!

In addition to his musical talents, LaMonte also happens to be a very talented photographer and one of the nicest, kindest, most amazing people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

Long story short, I did the shoot the very next day. Had I known I was going to be approached to do a bikini shoot for a magazine, I definitely wouldn’t have been eating Jim Dandy’s from Friendly*s– (which consist of 5 heaping scoops of ice cream with ALL of the toppings of course)–every day of the summer!

BUT Girl Power ConfessionI freakin love my curves & will eat the heck out of a family pack of Double Stuf Oreos to maintain my curves. Balanced of course with good genes & fairly clean eating. 😉

JET featured me as Beauty of The Week 2 months later. My Daddy was so proud that he went in every store buying all the JET’s he could find. Sooo, I just know how proud he would be that I was part of a commercial : )

Ok! Flash forward to the commercial! I met & shot with the wonderfully talented & professional folks at FireRock Productions. Although initially I was so nervous, they were able to me feel so relaxed. I enjoyed every minute of working with them.

FireRock Productions Congratulatory Note: FireRock’s body of work is so impressive, in fact they recently won an Emmy(!!!!!) for their work on an incredible documentary. They asked me to shoot the photographs of their group heading out to the Emmys & what an absolute honor! See the pics & get links to their info here:

So, now as to why I am writing this blog… This afternoon, a snippet of a facebook message appeared on my phone. Seems someone had seen a bit of the commercial and was writing to ask if I was in a commercial for a rehab center! Maybe he meant a physical rehab center but I don’t know… I’m not so great at reading messages remember??…

Anyway, just in case– I decided to write this blog because all I could picture were the memories of me walking into the insurance building toting a brown paper liquor store bag filled with tequila.

To avoid any further confusion, I figured its finally time to tell the story of how a bottle of tequila landed me a commercial spot…



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