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Written by Sherina

Absence makes the heart grow fonder  but  too much distance will ruin any relationship. These are just two simplified ideas on how distance effects relationships. While they sound good, they really just help to make us skeptical about involving ourselves in a long distance relationship in the first place. But, should distance be a major factor in who we fall for? What if you feel that distance is the only thing keeping you from each other? Imagine meeting someone and having the best conversation, laughing and feeling instant chemistry only to find out that they live across the world.

Normally, when we first start getting to know someone we’re either very interested or very doubtful but, we go with it. Getting to know someone you have a connection with is just… fun. The bliss of getting to know someone somehow dissolves the gaps in distance. You want to know everything about them like their favorite foods, best memory, craziest adventure, greatest weakness. Everything they tell you your brain absorbs and puts away in hopes to never forget them because after all they may be the one.

Don’t get me wrong, dating someone local, someone who you are able to see whenever you want is great, but oftentimes people move too fast and rush a connection that really isn’t there. They rush along without getting to know the person they are dealing with. A great thing about distance is that when you speak you really are speaking to get to know the person. You take time to learn the person in a different way because you have no other choice. Taking those things into consideration, should distance be a deterrent if the connection is there?

just my thoughts…


One thought to “Guest Blogger Sherina: distance < love”

  1. Your post made me think…when speaking to someone who is local you may just be speaking to them for convenience or to fill a lonely space…so with that being said you know yourself better than anyone else, you should know your true feelings and what feels right whether distance is a factor or not. Otherwise you are not being honest with yourself. Great post btw. Good job sis.

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