Recently, guest blogger Sherina shared her thoughts on the benefits of long distance dating. Some of the advantages of long distance dating that Sherina listed were that you take things slower and that you’re forced to communicate more. I feel you can take things just as slowly and communicate just as effectively while dating in non-LDR’s.

You can check out her entire post here:

Sherina shared what she felt were advantages of long distance dating and now I will reveal why I disagree with everything she said. To begin, let me make this clear, Sherina’s post was about entering a long distance dating scenario off the bat. This is what I will be addressing. Obviously, it is entirely different if you have already established a connection over time with someone and the situation becomes a long distance dating scenario.

So, let’s talk about my opinion of meeting someone who lives a million miles away and entering a long distance dating “thing”.

You are getting to know the person & you like them. They’re intelligent, attractive, funny, have a great job & they pray over every meal. Wonderful. Only problem? They live 10 states away. Or maybe 2 hours is enough for you to consider it long distance. Whatever the case, you’re interested & the distance has not yet deterred you.

But what happens when someone catches your eye who has great qualities of their own & is local? Or what happens when the allure and excitement of having someone new in your life wears down? These things happen. It’s a part of dating. No matter how much you dig someone, if we’re all being honest, you have to keep the sparks flying. Don’t ever get comfortable or complacent. You will get left, while he or she gets right.

If someone is worth it — you make it work. Period. But, when you first meet someone & you’re first getting to know them you have not yet decided if they are or not. The ‘getting to know you’ / ‘feeling you out’ phase is when you figure out if you have something real or something superficial. If you find you share a deep connection and exprience mutual respect, you lay the foundation and groundwork. It becomes much more difficult to lay a solid foundation when you’re only in each others presence once every few weeks.

There are about 7 billion people in the world. Here’s hoping ‘my 1’ in 7 billion is a bit closer than a spin around the globe. But, if there’s one thing I know about life, it’s that it’s unpredictable. Good thing I have my passport : )

& I’ll leave you with a lil long distance “humor”…


Read Sherina’s original post here:

Guest Blogger Sherina: distance < love

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