Displayed in the parking lot of the now defunct Mountainside Restaurant on the hill of S. 4th St. in Allentown, PA (Lehigh Valley) is a wooden noose with a dangling dummy. What is fun & decorative about this image?

Nooses are covered under the First Amendment as free speech unless you can prove it’s a hate crime. Because this noose stands alone, the argument for it being part of a “halloween” display wouldn’t add up. There’s no context to it. Seems like its intent is to send a message of intimidation.

Not only is it highly insensitive and offensive it is a very serious safety hazard. I, personally, have seen several accidents almost occur because people are so shocked by what they are seeing that they become distracted. The sickening behavior of a few reflects poorly on the whole Salisbury Township. I am thankful to the residents who have called and placed a complaint and those who will be calling.

For anyone interested in contacting the Salisbury Township police dept. to file a complaint, here is their phone number and address:

Salisbury Township Police: (610) 797-1447
Address: 3000 S Pike Ave, Allentown, PA 18103

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