I have so much to learn and so much more room to grow but, I’m so very glad I took leaps of faith and said “Yes” to different opportunities. Believe me, I can remember doing work where I had no experience and being terrified. I look back now on footage of my first few assignments and see a girl who was trying to be like the people she studied who had lots of experience. And guess what? She, as in me, was lousy!!! I was lousy because I had not separated my own unique traits and qualities and so I was not my complete, authentic self. Your complete authentic self is a rockstar. Who can do you better than you???? Figure out your strengths, what sets you apart and use that to your advantage! In a world of 6 billion plus people, there is not another quite like you. That’s leverage!

I cannot stress enough how critical it is to be authentic and unguarded. Be yourself!! If an opportunity arises that you lack experience with say “yes” and learn along the way. You don’t have to be an expert right away you just have to be humble enough to know that you can improve while also being confident enough to know that you will improve.

Saying ‘Yes’ to challenges means learning invaluable lessons along the way. Be the perpetual student always looking for ways to improve. Make mistakes, be genuine in all you do and don’t be afraid of risk or failure.

Passionate curiosity and sincere effort are two traits that are more valuable and rare than you may realize. So, if there is genuine interest and curiosity… don’t psyche yourself out!! Just say, “Yes!!” then look back in a year or so a little embarrassed and a lot more experienced!!


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  1. Noel I love the place from which your heart and consciousness dwells, the material presented in this posting is a lifestyle I choice to adopt a long time ago. May I add that it has done absolute wonders in my life!!
    “You will concur your fears the moment you will not allow them to concur you” So be adventurous, inquisitive, and most of all be willing!!!

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