With Valentine’s Day approaching I felt it a good time to share some of my favorite quotes on love. The first quote of this week comes from Marvin J. Ashton…

It’s a wonderful thing to remember how beautiful love feels, even after experiencing the pings of heartbreak and disappointment. It’s an act of courage to not allow tragedies in life to overpower our light. It’s a testament of self-love to promote and infuse kindness and love in our every action and interaction.

Not everyone will approach life with such delicacy. There will inevitably be rude encounters, ignorance and less than pleasant run ins. But, when we are led by love we are led out of those experiences into a greater appreciation for kindness, forgiveness, peace and love.

Promote unconditional love by becoming unconditional love. Be led by love and spread love. Be the light where there would otherwise be darkness. Impress upon others the glorious power of sincere compassion.

The Universe responds to your calls and in turn, creates more of that which you promote. Always strive to promote kindness, compassion, light, empathy and forgiveness… or more simply said: Always promote love.


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