I’m super excited to introduce the newest concept to NoelClark.com called #LIVEart ☺️ 

With each #LIVEart segment, I will include live streaming and real time blog and social media shares. This will help make each segment inclusive and interactive.

It’s important for me to use my blog to share the stories of others. To use my writing and medium as a way to profile the inspiring stories of others. #LIVEart will allow me to do this in a creative way.

With #LIVEart I’ll often find myself in unfamiliar territory, from actual locations to situations and #LIVEart will draw me, in many instances, outside of my comfort zone. All for three primary goals–

 To tell someone’s story,

 to learn from another


to grow.

Everyone has a story and everyone can be your teacher. And if in the process of #LIVEart some dope art gets made, well, then that is all the better… 🌻💜

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