On Saturday, June 4th Spike Lee put together a purple party to honor the life, love, spirit & music of Prince Rogers Nelson. 

The event, held at Brooklyn Restoration in Bed-Stuy, drew an enormous crowd with attendees draped in purple. Spike Lee interacted with the crowd, graciously signing autographs and taking pictures. 

The vibe was beautiful. A collective voice of love and positivity rang out throughout Brooklyn yesterday. 

One of the most spiritual points of #PrincePartyBK was when “Purple Rain” started to flow from the speakers and suddenly, as if on cue, rain began to fall. Spike Lee stood on stage with a gold guitar in the shape of the Prince-symbol as Snoop from “The Wire” sang out to the crowd, Sway the MC for the night, rocked to the melody as another dear friend of Prince, super model (she’s gorgeous, by the way) Damaris Lewis, stood on stage with tears streaming down her face. The moment was completely spiritual, moving, pure and heartbreaking.

Thank you @officialspikelee for putting together an amazing party. We all felt Prince’s spirit…. Especially when Purple rain fell upon the crowd of an “ocean of violets in bloom”. 💜☔️💜☔️

Oh! And super personal highlight of #PrincePartyBK, Spike told me to come up and dance on stage. The first time I kept saying no because I was too shy. Later, he told me to again… I wasn’t going to say ‘no’ to Spike Lee twice soooooo I danced on stage, at a Spike Lee party, in Brooklyn, to Prince music! 


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