It’s National Photography Day💛 Today I want to share a couple of my favorite photographs. This iconic photograph was taken in Aug of ’58 by a relatively unknown freelance photographer for Esquire Magazine, Art Kane. Kane took a huge risk in organizing this photo and his unconventional approach worked in his favor. In all, 57 jazz artists gathered in front of a Harlem brownstone for what would turn out to be a legendary photo. The photograph is entitled, “A Great Day in Harlem” and that summer day went down in Jazz & photography history. Included in the group is Thelonious Monk. Monk is one of my personal favorite jazz greats, not only for his music but his idiosyncratic manner and style. 

I first saw this photograph taken by Russell Lee while at ‘Night of the Cookers’ in Brooklyn. The photograph was snapped in 1941 and it captures a group of young Chi-town boys after church service on Easter Sunday. It also captures the time, mood and emotions perfectly and effortlessly. To me, this photograph is perfect.

✌️ & 💜 ~Noèl

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