I’ve had a catfish stealing my pics for months! A friend reached out to me yesterday and told me. I reported the page (several times) right away and asked people on my social media to report the page as well. Well, this morning I received a notification from instagram saying they removed the account for impersonation. Yay:)

The internet is a place where we (over)share. I posted photos and videos to my social media knowing that in this day and age, there was a chance someone could way too easily snag a photo and use it as their own. I chanced posting selfies without watermarking them but I’ve been more protective over my art. As a creative, the thought of this reality once weighed heavily on me to the point of not sharing much of my art or poetry. 

How comfortable could I feel sharing my poetry when someone can just copy and paste? Or my paintings? Or my photography when right click, save as is as easy as 1, 2, 3…
The problem with hiding from “the bad guys” is that you miss out on sharing yourself with an audience who would love to receive you and your art.
Hiding yourself from the bad guys is like hiding your talents from fear or insecurities. If you do that, you never give the ‘right’ people the chance to connect with your art and you will miss out on some great opportunities.
We can’t always hide from the bad guys, whether it’s catfishes stealing our pics, people snagging our creative works or the fears that sometimes settle in our minds.
The best thing we can do is continue to share and be open with our art. Share until people recognize you and your art as an “often imitated, never duplicated” brand. After all, authentic living is authentic art.  


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