Back in Oct. of 2015, I wrote a a post and saved it to my notes. I was on the fence as if I should post or not because after re-reading it I couldn’t decide if I was being too judgmental, too harsh or if the post was simply too angry. I try to do my best to react with love, understanding and compassion but, sometimes what people need is a good dose of reality and a lot of tough love.

I recently heard of a Chicagoan teen who was tied up and brutally attacked over the series of two days by four fellow teens. THE MADNESS HAS TO STOP! While scrolling on twitter I saw people try to attribute this to the Black Lives Matter Movement. ‘Three Black teens terrorize a White Trump Supporter! This must be the work of the Black Lives Matter Movement!!!!’


Don’t use #BLM as a scapegoat for a scary societal issue. Don’t ignore the real danger because you’d rather smear #BLM. Don’t use this as an opportunity to demonize a non issue simply to fit an agenda.

The real issue here is we are encouraging vile behavior by making videos like this go viral! We are promoting a society that sees savagery as cool. We are promoting the WRONG THINGS!!!!

Here is the original post I wrote back in 2015 and I will share my thoughts on the Chicago story as well below.

Quote from mediatakeout:
“A series of fights broke out at East Allen High School (sic), and police were called to break them up. During the ensuing Mell (sic), a female officer, tried to apprehend a 15-year-old CAUCASIAN girl – whose name we withheld.”
We’ve got to do better. We can look to blame a million outside forces and factors but bottom line, nobody goes in that pine box with us but us. Life, in my honest opinion, isn’t about impressing people!! We must live in a way that promotes balance, positivity and we must take full accountability and responsibility for our actions. If that means being a more hands on parent, community member or stranger then we must grow into better versions of ourselves in order to serve the whole.
If that means being a young, immature kid but having enough common sense to not wanna assault someone (in this case, an officer) then get your ish together, realize that a video getting a million views with a WSHH or mediatakeout stamp is NOT worth f-ing up your whole life for.
It’s so frustrating to see people act irresponsibly because they think it’s impressive to be savage and “cool”. We can’t mend the world of all of its broken pieces, but as individuals we can speak and act out against what we see as wrong. Mediatakeout is super wack for not editing their article, not knowing how to spell “melee” and for encouraging this b.s. by using language which glorifies the fight and student.
Now fast forward to January 2017…
I sent out a series of tweets which I will share below:
The disgusting vid is a result of a society which celebrates the ignorant. The popularity of fight videos gives kids the idea that acts of violence such as this, will be celebrated. They want the views, the likes. They are so lost! Let be a wake up call. They wanted to go viral so badly it came at the expense of their future. Pray4the victim &his family
Stop entertaining bull-ish!

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