2016 was a year marred by unbelievable and unfortunate events.

From a reality TV star becoming president elect (😳) to Brexit to shocking celebrity deaths. There was water poisoning, pipeline battles and the kardashians still haven’t gone away!!!!! Surreal events swept the political and pop cultural landscapes of 2016.

2016 seems to be the Meek Mill of recent years, taking L after L. (Still luh u Meek😊) …but!… 2016 also had its dope moments. (No pun intended). The longest running war in America is the war on drugs. It works like this: Target, Criminalize, Imprison, Slave. 

2016 marked a historical change in the prison system. A major change in policy took place in 2016. The Justice Dept announced they will no longer use for-profit prisons. The prison system had been set up against minorities in order to make money for corporations. Capitalism and corporate greed caused a cycle of unfortunate events and helped to create some of the unfortunate realities of urban America…. for profit prisons were one of the major contributing factors to the systematic dismantling of inner-city families.

There seems to be this running joke amongst us that 2016 was a major collective failure. 

Or maybe, just maybe, 2016 was a year that showed us just how impactful love is. Love changes things. Love is what will carry on the memory of Muhammad Ali, Afeni Shakur, Prince, Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Bill Nunn, Craig Sager, Gwen Ifill, Bill Cunningham, Bowie, Phife Dawg, Alan Rickman, Patty Duke, Tom Hayden, George Michael, Kimmy Corsiatto…..

Love is what fought for clean water, what got the Dakota Access Pipeline rerouted, what created magnificent changes and showed us that when we are united, we are unstoppable.

The question for 2017 and beyond is, what side do you want to be on? 

Love vs. Fear

Soul vs. Ego

United vs. Divided


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