After my Dad’s accident, I knew that when I saw him again I wanted to tell him all the things I did and hear him say he’s proud of me. I then realized, my Dad would always be proud of me. I was Daddy’s little girl. It was myself who I had to make proud.
The challenge is never about making my Dad proud, the challenge is about seeing myself with the same level of confidence my Dad has always had in me. To really live fully, I would have to challenge myself… I would have to have the confidence my Daddy had in me all along.
One of the opportunities I said “YES” to in spite of my nerves was when I was asked to be the on-camera host for Lehigh Valley’s premier fundraising event. Each year, Lehigh Valley Health Network puts together a huge black tie gala, “Nite Lites” for their health care professionals and corporate sponsors. I was asked to interview the top dogs at Lehigh Valley Health Network and some of the big sponsor reps. The butterflies began fluttering as soon as the opportunity presented itself but that didn’t stop me accepting the challenge. I prepared myself thoroughly for the task and when the day came, I executed.
I am so very thankful for being recommended for that hosting job by someone I greatly admire and who is a beast in this industry. THANK YOU : ) I haven’t shared the video yet but figured today would be a nice time to do so.
I’m so thankful to our Lord for allowing me to still hear my Daddy’s voice cheering me on. I can still feel my Daddy’s strong presence beside me letting me know, “You got this.”
I can see his smile beaming with pride.

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