What allows a human being to be desensitized to the plight of Black America? To be unconcerned with the executions of innocent children? It’s hard for me to know how to combat complacency because I’m not nor am I around anyone who is complacent. I need to speak with those who are not enraged with race relations in America in order to strategize how to breakthrough to them. A cop shot a rifle into a car of unharmed CHILDREN, killing . If you’re not losing sleep over that— YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. I don’t know how America can continue to sit on it’s hands. You keep poking a bear, you’ll eventually awaken a beast. I pray that the “beast” comes in the form of better educated, more passionate, loving and compassionate citizens.

, Your life mattered. It breaks my heart to know that an officer placed such little value on what was priceless.

“Black. That’s something 2 live 4.” -2pac

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