John Singleton, director of Poetic Justice and close friend to Tupac wouldn’t direct this movie on Tupac’s life. He knew it wasn’t going to be done right, it wasn’t going to give Tupac’s life justice and Singleton would not be a part of a movie on Tupac if it wasn’t done entirely right.

Tupac, who died September 13, 1996 at the young age of 25, accomplished SO MUCH in such a short period of time. He was a man of many layers. His soul rich in depth, his life riddled with struggle, his legacy marked indelibly in history. Considering all this, it would be hard to create a movie on Tupac that could possibly cover all of his trials and accomplishments. It would be hard to do a movie that told his story truthfully and fully. But, out of respect for the man who did so much for hip hop culture, a half a** movie SHOULD NOT BE MADE!!!!

Benny Boom, the Philly born director took on the difficult task of directing this movie and BOY, did he do a shoddy job. This movie didn’t capture you. In fact, the gentleman next to me fell asleep and could be heard loudly snoring throughout the duration of the movie. His girlfriend didn’t even bother waking him up. The movie spent more time putting scenes to songs than it did on character and story development. The movie fell so incredibly short and you’re left wondering, was any real research even done?? Were any of Pac’s friends available for interviews??

All Eyez On Me, relied too heavily on the soundtrack and not enough on the story of who Tupac was. All Eyez On Me seemed more like Benny Boom’s one chance to direct a string of 2pac music videos rather than a compelling, powerful, long awaited story of his life. 

Picture this, a nightclub scene, scantily clad women, liquor, an unnecessary cameo by former Philadelphia Eagle, DeSean Jackson making a weird 2 second appearance and what do we have? A rap video? No, an unimaginative scene from All Eyez On Me. 

The story lacked cohesion and depth and overall, felt poorly researched, casted, acted and put together. They didn’t even bother to use archival footage of the New York skyline from the 90’s!!!!!!! CLEARLY, I could see the brand new World Trade Center Station! DETAILS people, this is your job! Pay attention to DETAILS!

Fans have waited over twenty years for a movie to be made on Tupac. A movie that depicted a poet, a revolutionary mind, a talent whose abilities surpassed ordinary human limits, a movie that depicted a son… A movie that, with authenticity and respect, depicted a man who struggled with trying to balance his loving heart with his destructive pride.

Instead what did we get?? A freakin 2 hour long, uninspiring movie with a guy who had too chubby cheeks to play Tupac playing Tupac and various music video like scenes awkwardly pieced together.


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