Written by Noèl Clark @noelclarkdotcom

I found a love letter I never sent away

I released it to the water

Our past is no place to stay.

I don’t want to make this poem about you

Because, really, it’s about me.

But, you are an intricate piece

To my masterpiece.

You are the part that showed me what love is not.

You’re the piece that showed me the strength I’ve got.
Where were you after Daddy’s accident?

Nights I couldn’t fall asleep 

til the very next day.

Tears and devastation kept me awake.

Tormented by the darkness,

Silence has so much to say.

After ten years, you would think I deserved as much.

A check in, a hello,

A voice letting me know

“I’m here for you. You are not alone.”

But, still, you’re an intricate piece of this masterpiece. 

And still, I found a way to master peace.
You were always so concerned with status and people’s impression of you.

That doesn’t interest me.

Being authentic

and unapologetically real is always who I’ll be.

Maybe too much for you…
but just right for me.

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