The Social Media Circus: an original poem by Noèl Clark (source: @noelclarkdotcom)

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the grandest show in the land. There’s cake, balloons, intrigue and more. Step right up, it’s just through this door…
Curiously, I entered.
Others piled in.
All eager and curious for a show to begin.
We waited and waited.
But no ringleader showed.
The crowd quickly grew antsy,
I guess no one was told.
That “weeee” were the show.
Unbeknownst to the masses,
Our lives would become,
entertainment, a joke, a show to put on.
There’s the clown in the corner,
boasting about what she has not.
But, she pretends very well.
Attracting many to her spot.
See, the girl in the blue, who stands off to the side?
She’s throwing a Pity Party,
the crowd eats up her lies.
Her perspective is limited.
She screams out, “WHY ME?”
It appears her world has ended,
She was only 23.
Taken out by a dangerous paper cut,
tears well in her eyes.
“It’s the end of the world, how ever will I survive??”
A beautiful woman, dressed all in black, fitting for the girls funeral,
pushes her back.
Outta my way! The lighting’s much better over here!
She snaps a selfie… Enter the world of the narcissist, my dear.
The world is revolving,
All around her.
This is her show I’ll have you know!
She stands proudly and boasts about her success and good deeds,
Her beauty, her charm…
She’s perfect, you see?
She paints a picture of a perfect person, one who is without flaws…
But, I know,

this is the social media circus…
Clowns deserve an applause.

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