Our next act of the #SocialMediaCircus is the #PityParty. Every time you log in to Facebook, there they are. Whining that they stubbed their toe, got a paper cut, were stuck in traffic, or that their fruit is out of season. Every minor inconvenience is the end of the world for them. Maybe this means that, fortunately for them, they lack the necessary perspective to know what a real inconvenience is. A few months ago, my Aunt who has battled ovarian cancer for the past 4 years got into a pretty bad car accident after a car slammed into her car. While in the hospital she just kept saying, “Thank God. It could’ve been a lot worse.” I can remember the doctor smiling at my Aunt and saying, “I wish I had more patients like you.” My Aunt, (who is in remission since a week ago🙏🏽❤️), has battled cancer with lots of prayer, amazing doctors, medical treatment, healthy eating and a positive attitude. 

When you’ve gone through heavy stuff in life, seeing the things some people choose to complain and whine about just makes you laugh… and let’s be real, roll your eyes at. But some people thrive off the attention they receive when throwing themselves a pity party. Some people’s favorite selfies are the ones they take while in a doctor’s office for minor ailments or with tears streaming down their faces… which they promptly caption with something vague like “Don’t ask me why I had the worst possible day ever. #FML”. Probably because if asked they’d say something trivial like, “My phone died and an outlet wasn’t anywhere near meeeeee😩” Ahh, yes. The Pity Party… the only party where the Guest of Honor asks, “If you don’t see my tears, am I really even sad??” I don’t know, douchebag…. are you? (Source: noelclark.com)

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