Define yourself in under 5 seconds. Using one word, define your entire being– everything you’ve ever done, accomplished and went through by using
Can you? Most likely you could conjure up some flattering word but do you want to? Do you want to pigeon hole yourself into a mere word?
The best experiences, memories and songs are remembered vividly not because you remember all the words that went along with them but because you remember how they made you feel. It’s the same way with people. The people you feel inexplicable connections to are often those whose energy you were drawn to.
Society gets so hung up on labels attached to status and material things but what’s your energy like? Who would you be if words were ineffective? What impression would you leave on people? How would you make them feel? How would you make them feel not only about you but, about themselves? 

The lion doesn’t need to roar to show you he’s the king of the jungle. His powerful presence is felt without a sound. The same goes with us– Show a little teeth but know that ultimately your energy speaks for you and before you.

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