In a historic move, Tesla has moved away from using leather in their vehicles. Awhile back, I was browsing cars and realized, while I love the look and feel of a leather interior, *(yes, even on those super hot, sunny days when it hurts to even think about sitting down), I detest the idea that we have grown so accustomed to accepting leather or cloth interiors as our only options. So I started digging around the internet looking at vegan friendly options and there it was… an article saying Tesla was working on a car that would use faux leather. From the seats to the steering wheel, the  interior would be completely faux leather : )

Today, I saw an article stating that Tesla has completely changed the game (Tesla Ditching Leather) and moving forward, Tesla will only use faux leather in their vehicles. This is a bold move and one that will hopefully set a standard for other manufactures and in time, hopefully they too will offer the option of faux leather.

It’s all about de-conditioning the market. Leather has long been considered a testament of quality and a statement of luxury. Car manufacturers understand that when they build and market cars, they are not only creating something that is functional but something that, for many, is a status piece. For years, many would have scoffed at the idea of cars lined with faux leather. Ironically enough, currently, Tesla is one of the most prestigious brands of luxury cars on the roads and guess what, they’re doing it all by being environmentally conscious. 'Dirty Hippies' won't be riding dirty for too much longer.... Click To Tweet

Thank you, Tesla!

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