“…I knew the time would come
I’d have to pay for my mistakes,
I can’t blame you for what you’re doin’ to me girl,
even though my heart aches.

Your dreams have all come true
Just the way you planned them
So I’ll just step aside, I’m going to step aside
And lend a helping hand.

‘Cause I could never make you unhappy
No, I couldn’t do that, girl
Only wish I didn’t love you so
Makes it so very hard to go…”

-Tower Of Power “So Very Hard To Go”

My playlist is on shuffle and this song just came on.  Ohhh, the love that was poured into soul music back in the day! This man knows he has to let his woman go because, for whatever reason, he can’t or is unwilling to be the man she deserves. But, look at the lyrics, check out her glow up since he got outta her way. Her “dreams have all come true”, just like she planned… and what’s he doing? Watching from the sideline, just sick.Nowadays, this guy is the ex lurking ur IG thinking: NIICE... I ain't gon' like it tho. Click To Tweet

(photo: @myfabolouslife)

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