Residents of a nursing home in Dickinson, Texas which was hit by Hurricane Harvey. Photo courtesy of @abcnews

Prayers For Texas

A heartbreaking image of nursing home residents left to die in Dickinson, TX prompts an emergency evacuation

The people and cat captured in this photo of a nursing home in Dickinson, Texas have been left to fend for themselves. Some may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia and not totally cognizant of what’s going on. Some may be in urgent need of meds, changing, medical attention… Some may be experiencing all of these things at once. But instead, here they sit, cloaked in afghans, seemingly forgotten about and left alone to die.


I’m sure all of these amazing women are women of great strength who have lived some kick a– lives. I’m sure the stories they could tell you would inspire you to be a greater and more compassionate human being. But, they, along with the cat who sits perched in the corner, are left defenseless and striped of their dignity.


This photo didn’t make light of their suffering, it opened eyes *to* their suffering and prompted an emergency evacuation of the senior center.


20-25 people were evacuated but one has to wonder… what if this photo wouldn’t have been taken and shared? Is it not human instinct to care for the defenseless, even when no cameras are flashing????


Photography can be a powerful tool to prompt necessary action. Don’t ever feel like a contribution rooted in concern and love, whether it’s a monetary donation, essay/photo to expose injustice, etc isn’t good enough. Think about it: This photo saved 20-25 people’s lives.


I don’t know who took this photo but I thank God for them and I thank God they shared. #PrayersForTexas Click To Tweet

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