I’ve posted 5 bikini photos since 2012. In 2012, I made a conscious decision to not post bikini shots, even though I had travelled to a few lovely beach spots like, Florida and Punta Cana. I decided back in 2012, that showing myself in a swimsuit showed too much skin. So I didn’t post bikini pics at all.

But then Summer ’16 rolled around and I decided…. helloooo, you’re not getting any younger, girl, you better post ’em while you can!

I still don’t show a lotta skin but the other day, I said f-it & posted a pic in a swimsuit that showed… my bum. 😱

Straightaway, an ex dm’d me and said “Don’t start trappin on IG! Lol You’re a respected and distinguished woman. Don’t show them too much.” The pic *was* outta character for me because I post mostly face shots, quotes, & art. I ended up taking it down so that I could reflect on my feelings a bit before deciding on whether or not it felt right to post.

So, here are my thoughts:

What feels right to me and for me, personally, is to not show a lot of skin. But, isn’t it so silly that society has a hard time grasping that a woman can be both reserved and sexual? I may not show out 90% of the time, but I’m also a woman who loves her body regardless of how a man chooses to judge or sexualize it.

I am allowed to love my body and be proud of my figure. I don’t show my body often on IG (once when I posted a full length pic a friend was like, “Finally!!”), so if a man loses respect off of 5 bikini pics in 4 years, that says more about him than me.

& a huge shout out to @hadiiyabarbel. I was writing up this blog when I checked IG and watched her IG live. Ironically, she was talking about how some people react to her cleavage showing. She smiled her free-spirited smile and said, “Sometimes they just wanna come out to play!”.

Like Hadiiya, I have another inspiring woman on my feed, @iamianthia who is also a perfect and delightful mixture of class and sex appeal. I value the women who are both classy yet sassy. Balance and authenticity are both key and for the women who encompass them so freely, I say Shine on

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