Salute to the real OG: Hip Hop. Hip Hop’s official 44th birthday is today.

My cousin used to play Public Enemy all the time. #FearOfABlackPlanet posters hung on his wall. Fast forward a few years and there I was, playing Wu-Tang singing word for word triumphantly, with Pac posters, Source and VIBE covers hanging on every inch of my wall. Now I learn the game from my niece, who puts me on to poets like Lil Yachty, who some say is a mumble rapper, but he got a flow and dope beats and I respect his drive.

Hip Hop’s not just for the streets anymore. With it’s infectious rhythm, the sounds of Black culture can be heard pounding out the speakers of White America, too. Hip Hop has infiltrated every corner of life, from your favorite sports to school classrooms.. . :dab:.

Like an ode to AI, you may call this The Crossover but, all I need is one mic like The Godfather, Nasty Nas, to tell you, don’t confuse it with just rap music. It’s The Takeover.

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