Her Shining Yellow Aura


In the turbulent waters of an unpredictable ocean, there she found her strength. Becoming a goddess of the waves. Her spirit tested under the powerful rip current. She found herself hopeless and suffocated by the weight. It took her breath away.


I stepped away from her, this painting. I marked the canvas with a bold, yellow stain. Now, I understand this yellow glow became her. She is, the culmination of everything I drew. Through the turbulent waves and wearied eyed gaze, the ocean goddess fueled by hope remained.

When I stepped back, I saw her. Stoic yet buoyant. A vision of hope and strength. Her shining yellow aura, reflecting poetically against the waves.

written by Noèl Clark

Check out the painting that inspired this poem and the YouTube video breaking it all down: (link: H.S.Y.A. Painting)

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