Recently, the story broke about Kevin Hart’s infidelities and it has a lot of people talking. Kevin, for years has referred to his now wife in glowing terms and famously calls her his “rib”. He has built a multi-million dollar brand, in part due to his clean image. How his extracurricular activities will affect this squeaky clean image remains to be seen.

But, let’s get real, Kevin Hart isn’t the first nor last person to cheat, ya’ll. Everyone from your mailman to the guy who lucked up and married Beyoncé cheats. (Ok, maybe not your mailman but, you get what I’m saying.)

Kanye gave us his opinion on fidelity on “No Church In The Wild” when he rapped, “Two tattoos, one read ‘No Apologies’ / The other said, ‘Love Is Cursed By Monogamy’.”

So is love cursed by monogamy? In traditional, two person relationships, could the routine of loving the same person over and over again become so redundant that monogamy itself dooms the relationship?

My personal opinion?

Heck Noo.

Sure, some (wo)men would have you believe this. A person who operates from their lowest vibration or a person who is led by ego and not love will certainly try to make you believe cheating is just a part of relationships.

But, do all men cheat.

Heck Noo.

Imagine how incredible it must feel to have a partner who you can give your all to and feel secure in doing so. Why spoil that once in a lifetime magic of finding something so rare by breaking the trust and heart of that relationship?

I posted this quote a few years ago:

“What does it matter how many lovers you have if none of them gives you the universe?”

-Jacques Lacan

Someone asked, “Is it possible for a lover to give such a thing?” I responded with:

Thankfully, I was able to witness the incredible love story of my parents. It shaped the way I view love. It showed me that true, unconditional love though rare, does indeed exist.

And because I’m sure it exists, I’m sure it’s worth waiting for and nothing could be worth jeopardizing such a gift.

If you are blessed enough to find your one, don’t go Eric Benet…

or Jay,

Kevin Hart.

When it’s real, nothing compares.

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