Happy Thanksgiving! Among so many blessings like my strong faith, close family, and my health, I’m thankful for net neutrality. But if Trump and his FCC Chairman Ajit Pai have their way, the Internet as we know it will change dramatically. One of the changes would effect Internet speed for users based on how much they could pay. There would be tiers, a fast lane and slow lane for Internet speed. Also, if you’re unable or unwilling to fork over more money on top of what you’d already be paying, you not only will have slower speeds, you wouldn’t be able to access the full Internet because by repealing net neutrality companies could charge additional fees to access certain sites, such as YouTube and Netflix. Rather than accessing whatever you want as you’ve been doing, these monopolies, I mean companies, would likely begin offering packages, such as a “Social Media Package” that would charge a higher rate in order to experience sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Schools lacking funding will experience slower internet speeds. Your ISP could and would censor and block certain sites for personal, political, and financial gain.

The Internet, as you know it would change dramatically and repealing net neutrality will effect you!!!!!!!

Do your research and if you’re disgusted by this, write a post, tell a friend, spread the word, call your representatives. But hurry! Voting is expected to take place December 14. This is not a drill! Save The Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(via noelclark.com)

I signed the petition and will share the link:


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