Kyle Kostic

Cancer Survivor Turned Medical Marijuana Advocate

Kyle Kostic sat down with and shared how he cured his stage iv cancer.

Almost exactly a year ago, Kyle had a doctor’s appointment that he felt good about. He had done everything his doctors told him and felt confident he was in remission. He was excited to hear what he thought was going to be great news. Almost immediately after walking into his doctors office, he could tell something was wrong but nothing could prepare him for what his doctor was about to say.

He was told that the cancer had metastasized to his lung and bloodstream. Stoically, his doctor told him that it was time to prepare himself and his family, that he had only a year left to live.

Today is a few days past that year anniversary of Kyle receiving that news and he is cancer free!! In fact, he told me that he is in the best shape of his life and feels more healthy than ever. I hit him up to let him know the video would be up today and he said he’d watch once he leaves the gym.

Look at God!!!!!!!

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