noelclark.com shares a taped conversation with stage IV cancer survivor turned medical marijuana advocate, Kyle Kostic and artist, Lorenzo P. of lorenzopphotography.com as we discuss self-imposed isolation as a form of Spirited Solitude.

Told by doctors he had less than a year to live, Kyle Kostic began living on his own terms. He packed up his two children and explored the United States. He wanted to see as much as he could and imprint invaluable memories and lessons upon his children while he still had the chance.

Just when he thought his trip was ending, his next chapter began. It would be the last state they would visit that would change the course of his life.


Kyle fell in love with the collective positive spirit of Cali and it was there where he began his journey of healing and Spirited Solitude.

Lorenzo the artist is a creative powerhouse. As someone who feels the sensations of world intimately and deeply, he often retreats to find his center. This “ghosting” can be very frustrating to those around him but he argues that he “must take time for himself. That is where peace and God are found”. He will tell you that his relationship with Spirited Solitude has not been easy and he recognizes that for all of its benefits, there are some drawbacks as well. He specifically states losing friends who don’t understand his journey as the main negative side effect . However, he is quick to show and tell you about all of the magic that has been created as a result of moments of self-imposed isolations. For Lorenzo, Spirited Solitude is well worth it and even necessary to the betterment of his growth and art!!

It was an honor to sit down with these two incredibly inspiring and fascinating individuals and discuss how self-imposed isolation or #SpiritedSolitude helped to reveal miracles in their life. You too can change your life and your circumstances! You may be surprised to find you can move mountains, all you have to do is change your mindset. (Check out: Vibe With Me)

Self-imposed isolation is a time to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. These moments of Spirited Solitude are gifts. We undress our thoughts and let our darkness come out to play in the light. We discover what makes us tick without fear of criticism and free from expectation of praise. In silent moments, unbound from a schedule or task, we let our minds wander. Often, in these moments of wandering, we are led directly to our soul work. We are led directly to our healing. We are led directly… to our rebirth.

There are many ways to sit alone with yourself, you just have to figure out what works for you and stick with it. The task, should you accept, only requires you to be vulnerable as well as present in the moment. It is through your vulnerability and presence where you discover who you truly are to yourself. Spirited Solitude begs you to be completely raw, vulnerable, and real with yourself. This is your journey to face alone. Though the journey is no easy trip, its rewards are of invaluable measure.

Godspeed, my friend🙏🏽✨

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