H&M has received a lot of backlash for a hoodie they posted to their site. The issue stemmed not so much for the hoodie itself but the child they chose to model the hoodie which bore the statement, “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle”.  The child, a young black boy is seen posing in the hoodie which changes the narrative. “Monkey” has a long history of being a nasty, racial slur towards Blacks. It’s not a new thing, the negative history attached to the word “monkey” has been around for years. It is widely known.

So, the creators, the marketing team, advertising department, and so on just missed this? In addition to showing their insensitivity, this whole thing screams “lack of diversity”!! A lack of inclusion leads to missteps such as this. And I say misstep, but many are saying blatant, thought out, and intentional form of racism by H&M. And, let’s be real, if you are a company, every product you put out should be well thought out and intentional, should it not? Therefore, using a Black model to pose in a hoodie with a historically derogatory term seems well thought out and intentional.

We can push for companies to be more inclusive and diversify their hiring. We can also Buy Black.

Seems like a perfect time to plug the Black owned, Woman owned hoodie company: marleysmantra.com

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