“I am…” statements are powerful


“What you seek is seeking you.”- Rumi, Sufi Poet

I remember I had that Rumi quote as my lock screen and someone asked if I believe it and what it means to me. Well, of course I believe it or I wouldna had it as my lock screen but, what does it mean to me?

To me, it means that which we are seeking and focusing on, we become. Like attracts like. If you are love, you will attract love. If you are negative, negativity will seek you.

Now, not to say those who are loving and positive will only have positive experiences but, those who are loving and positive will see and focus on the positive. They will seek the silver lining in any situation. They live their life with an attitude of gratitude. In darkness, they always find the light.

Thoughts produce chemicals in our body. The very act of thinking “I am love” vs “I am a victim”, will have dramatic results in not only ones outlook on life, but their health as well. Psychosomatic symptoms occur because of our thoughts. The very act of smiling has the ability to make you feel good because the brain releases the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine to signal, “I am happy.”

Biochemical reactions of your thoughts effect not only your mood but your physical health as well. Understanding that all of our thoughts carry a chemical component allows us to recognize and harness the power of our thoughts. I am in charge of my own happiness, health, and well-being. Click To Tweet

‘Neurons that fire together, wire together.’- Donald Hebb

So, train your mind to seek and see the positive in life, and life, no matter what curveballs are thrown at you… will reveal the positive to you.☺✌

Ps. If you need a pick me up, check out this stunning video by BBC Earth on the power spending time in nature has on your mood. Interesting short vid; the images alone will leave you smiling:) https://youtu.be/1wkPMUZ9vX4

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