there is no wisdom without emotion.

Read that again.

And again.

Annnnnnnnd once more.

there is no wisdom without emotion.

( For the science behind it, check out this blog article: Emotional Logic )

It’s funny because so many people believe that emotions make them weak but, neuroscience has proved just the opposite. It is now known that our brains rely on emotions to make the best decisions. People foolishly believe they can stack facts, data, logic, and reasoning and come to perfectly crafted decisions but it’s quite the opposite!! People rely to heavily on facts and disregard the need to appreciate the value of emotions.

Regardless of what people believe though, science has the facts. And the facts are: emotions rule and logic follows.

By studying the brain scans of people with damaged limbic systems, scientists have proven that the decision making process is not logical after-all. Those with damaged limbic systems (aka the emotional centers) are unable to make sound decisions.

What does this tell us? It tells us that there is no wisdom without emotion.

Science is telling us that our most intelligent decisions come from… our emotions!


Allow yourself to be emotional!

Feel and trust your intuition!

Honor your emotions!

Free yourself from the notion of mind vs heart!

Or more simply put…

Listen to your heart ❤️


there is no wisdom without emotion.

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