Recently Kanye West or Ye as I affectionately call him has taken to twitter and various media outlets to share his thoughts… whichhhhhh, as a result have given us some controversial sound bytes.

I agree with Ye on promoting love and unity. I think he has some great ideas as well as the mindset, influence, and power to make substantial cultural change. BUT, I personally feel his approach is terrible. Kanye West should focus on Kanye West.

Ye has the influence and power to change culture and he knows it, so he uses that time and platform to say something like crack is cultural to Blacks??? Or that slavery was a choice???? My man, you can’t be serious?

Kanye snapping pictures with Trump is not the issue. I think it’s great to have conversations with people you disagree with and who have different perspectives on life than you. How else will we unite if we are always dividing ourselves?? I tried to do this on a small scale with my onlyONE blog. I truly believe a great way to come together is to realize each other’s truths and perspectives. See how your neighbor lives in order to know who they are!!!!

“Judge not, lest you be judged.”

Still, I feel there is a better way for Ye. I personally feel a more effective and impactful Ye would be the one who owns up to himself. Why are you telling the world slavery was a choice when you know dang well you could never have the mental or physical strength to endure what our ancestors went through?! My brother, you couldn’t even handle the thought of TMZ potentially teasing you over some weight gain. You ran and got plastic surgery to avoid being picked on then got addicted to opioids. Does this sound like the kind of strength and mental fortitude needed to endure the horrors of slavery that were so horrible and inhuman that they defy description? (Below see tweets and excerpt from WP article written by Professor Blair LM Kelley, a history professor at North Carolina State University)

A more effective and impactful Ye would reveal HIMSELF. A more effective and impactful Ye would turn himself inside out and bare his soul NOT HIS EGO. He wouldn’t throw controversial comments out that trivialize real struggle and pain and wrap his comments up with pretty (but empty) buzz words.

Kanye is saying a lot but unfortunately for someone with so much influence and power to the culture…. he really isn’t saying anything.

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