Create Your Own Lanes, Trailblazers:

For a lot of creatives, we are wearing many (or all of the) hats and it can feel exhausting, overwhelming, and oddly enough at the same time, like we’re not doing enough!!!!

As a freelancer, we are often the creator, designer, brand manager, agent, marketing specialist, investor, artist, writer, social media manager, copywriter, analytics manager, photographer, videographer, and so much more. Try for a second to imagine the time and effort it takes to learn and get proficient at doing the above stated roles… For anyone who thinks freelance is easy, think again!! And those are just some of the things we absolutely NEED TO BE doing well in order to get ahead. Notice I said “need to be doing well, we cannot slack in any department if we want to get ahead in our mission. There is NO room to get lax or drop the ball.

On top of that, we must be disciplined. We probably don’t LOVE performing ALL of those tasks and roles, but we continue to do them and push forward because we know we have no other choice. We have to help ourselves and sometimes, we have to be the ones who put ourselves on. One of the best tricks in life you can learn is how to do tasks you dread without complaining. Cus D’Amato stressed that to Mike Tyson and instilled the work ethic of a beast in a young Mike. One day, it will all be worth it, Champ!

Other areas, like networking… (and networking is essential because your network is your net worth!!) we may struggle with because we may not find the time or money to do so effectively. It’s ok to take your time figuring out the balance. Don’t over exert yourself or rush the process or your greatness! Striking the balance will be important to your success and most importantly, your overall health and happiness.

For many, even though their freelance work is their dream work, it often has to take a backseat and is relegated as a side hustle. Find ways to make your side hustle live and thrive as your plan A. I mean, this is your dream! It’s what you’re passionate about! If a lane doesn’t exist, CREATE ONE!!

Traditional career tracks have a well-developed, tried and true route to achieving some level of success. If you want to be a (insert traditional job here), go to school for X amount of years, intern at related worksites, apply, and in a good job market, you’ll at the very least get your foot in the door and land a job interview. As a freelancer, how I look at it is, all it takes is one foot in the door to get a seat at the table. But in order to get to that seat at the table, you have to trailblazer your own path. Your lane has not been carved out for you. Create your own lanes, trailblazers!!

Preparation is also key to a successful freelancer. Always be OVER prepared. I always say, if you stay ready, you never have to get ready. All it takes is just one shot… you just gotta keep shooting. (Check out the hoodie inspired by that motto here)

Freelancers are crafting our lanes out through trial and error. Our dream is unique to us. There is no handbook on how to succeed. We must learn on our own and that takes TIME. So when you do discover your passion, and when you do decide to pursue it, don’t let the time it will take to reach a breakthrough discourage you!!!!! Just keep grinding and trailblazing.

I designed and created this hoodie to encourage you to #createyourownlanes !! I took the photo featured on this hoodie in Brooklyn while the sun set over the Manhattan skyline. It’s available here, trailblazers!!



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