Noel Clark Painting Avatar The Avatar Painting by Noèl Clark

This is the story of the fictitious subject of this portrait.

There’s discord within him which is illustrated by the chaos in the background. The chaos is represented by the wave like motion of the blues and the blurred colors emanating from him. He attempts to disguise the discord by playing a role, by keeping up an image, by becoming essentially, an avatar. He becomes what he believes will be accepted, envied, respected, admired, and loved.

The chaos that surrounds him will always follow him until he heals whatever issues that are causing him to need his avatar.

He operates from a low vibration so instead of healing, he hides. He will buy and chase the things and people that help to complete his image, while he neglects his true self. He fuels his avatar but depletes himself. Those things and people he pours all of his effort into are actually toxic and detrimental to his authentic self and growth.

A low frequency attracts low vibrational entities. The cycle he is trapped in will continue to draw chaos, trauma, and disease into his life.

By focusing all of his attention and energy on maintaining a facade he is neglecting to nourish his authentic self. His refusal to heal and lack of self-care leads to a disconnect to self, an imbalance of energies, and a blockage of chakras.

Drop the facade.

Life will teach you lessons to help you elevate. Until you learn the lesson, life will test you over and over. Look at everything and ask, “What can I learn from this?” “How can I improve?” Once you learn your necessary lessons, you will level up and raise your frequency.









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