John mccain
John McCain, 5+ year POW, Vietnam vet, 6 term senator, American Hero

It’s important to be involved and curious about the politics which govern us. I identify as a Democrat but, in the past would very proudly explain that I have some more conservative, traditional Republican leanings.

Note: Trump’s unwillingness to separate himself from white nationalist groups and divisive rhetoric has put a stain on conservative America and I want to make clear: I do not identify with Trump’s America.

To be a well-rounded, educated citizen, I feel most would find some value in all political parties. Our differences are few. John McCain was an American hero and I pray for the strength of his family.

Here are two great quotes Mr. McCain wrote in op-ed pieces for The Washington Post:

Dec. 17, 1998: “The Enduring Example of Mo Udall”

Mo was a liberal; I, a conservative. Mo was a 20-year veteran of the House, I was congressional newcomer from the other side of the aisle. He was the chairman, and I was the neophyte. But it was Mo Udall who taught me the greatest and most enduring lesson of my political life. A man of uncommon decency who never let political differences ruin personal relationships, he reached across the aisle to help his very junior colleague from the minority party.

Jan. 16, 2011: “Mr. Obama’s admirable speech”

Our political discourse should be more civil than it currently is, and we all, myself included, bear some responsibility for it not being so. It probably asks too much of human nature to expect any of us to be restrained at all times by persistent modesty and empathy from committing rhetorical excesses that exaggerate our differences and ignore our similarities. But I do not think it is beyond our ability and virtue to refrain from substituting character assassination for spirited and respectful debate.

Thank you for your service, Senator McCain. You left an indelible mark on America. 🇺🇸

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