Authenticity is not a trend. You’re either solid when times are in your favor and when they are not, or you fold. For many, the ego, which so often disguises itself as confidence is the ultimate mask for insecurity. The ego encourages us to fit in, to desperately depend on the validation of others, to work towards reaching goals that society has set for us. Too often, society holds different dreams for us than we hold for ourselves. I don’t fit into societies mold.

I am not individualistic– I love too hard to be self-centered. I’m not driven by money, accolades, or peoples opinions, or any of the other superficial things that keep humans busily spinning along in a rat race, living their life not for themselves, but for the opinions of others.

Joy, true joy comes from within. Joy comes from solitude; you have to be ok with being alone with yourself. Too often people need constant stimulation which comes at the expense of ever finding themselves. Truly happy people can have it all and also have not and still be fulfilled because they understand that happiness comes from within.

I’m humble, but I also know everybody isn’t built like this and that’s OK. Everybody isn’t meant to be. Solid people are rare so I thank God for blessing me with my family and my soul tribe, cuz in my corner—– All real ones. 🙏🏽💪🏽

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