Life has its difficult moments. What matters is how we choose to respond. We *always* have a choice. Falling is a part of life, so ask yourself how gracefully do you fall?

Are you gripping tightly, trying to maintain a semblance of control or are you relinquishing control to God (or to whatever higher power you believe in)?

Are you allowing yourself to feel? To purge your emotions and giving yourself the clearance to feel scared, upset, & tired?

Remember, everything is energy//everything has a vibration. Your thoughts carry a frequency. A lower frequency can result in a decline in not only one’s mood but overall health as well. The energy of your thoughts will either raise or lower your vibration. Suppressing your emotions, though it may seem “tough” will result in blocked chakras and will hurt you in the long run.


Be vulnerable.

Express yourself authentically.

Life will test you, it will break you, it will rebuild you. It’s up to you if you‘re rebuilt stronger or not.

I felt it on my heart to share this because I know someone may need to hear it. I’m lifting you in prayer.

Trust and believe.

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