I have always been faithful. I have always had my own, personal and special relationship with God.

My faith and love of God was planted in me by my parents and my spiritual journey really began after my Daddy’s accident. It was the signs. It were the undeniable signs that presented themselves immediately after my Daddy’s accident that made me see that our energy never dies, it only changes form. I can’t speak to my Daddy as I had before, and of course this kills me, but I haven’t lost him completely and life has taught me a new language. A language of energy, frequencies, and intuition.

I have a better grasp of life beyond this lifetime. This has helped me to find joy in the mourning. I am filled with deep and profound gratitude to the Lord for allowing me to still feel the very real presence of my loved ones who have transitioned.

Having experienced such undeniable signs from my Daddy has made it possible for me to find joy in mourning for my Aunt Pat, who was like a second Mama to me, whose physical presence we lost on June 19, 2019. I was confident that though we lost her physical shell, I knew there would be signs.

It’s about finding a new normal and being sensitive to energy in other ways than you may be used to.

Oh, the signs our family has received from her!! I know she is somewhere dancing to “Ladies Night” by Kool & The Gang, laughing with her eyes lighting up, and making the room fall in love with her. Just as she had done so many times here on Earth. My complete faith in that brings me joy in the mourning.

My Aunt Pat is somewhere free from pain, free from the sickness that ravaged her body for almost 7 years. She is finally free and with the Lord. How could I not find joy in that?

Losing our family dog, Snowflake to an aggressive, inoperable, and terminal cancer only weeks later has been so painful. To be taking care of him and it be so similar to my Aunt Pat’s condition at the end has been so hard. This has just been such a hard time. My thoughts are probably so scattered right now, but my point is this—

There is joy in the ‘mourning’. There is gratitude for allowing our loved ones in our lives. Thank You for allowing us to borrow them. Thank You for allowing us to feel these signs and feel their presence so that we may let Your will be done gracefully. Thank You for hearing our pleas and answering every call.

In every tear, there is deep and profound gratitude and the understanding that this, this is only temporary, it is the love we share that is eternal.


thank You, God.

God bless and my prayers to all who are finding their way. God is with you.

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