In honor of National Photography Day, I wanted to share some photographs I’ve taken. I stepped away from photography in recent years, but just last month, picked my Canon back up again.

These past few months have been difficult for me, with my Aunt’s cancer progressing and her transition (passing away) on June 19th. Only a short time after, it was discovered that our family dog, Flakey has a very aggressive form of cancer. Less than a week later, we learned the cancer was terminal and inoperable.

It was as if I picked up my camera last month instinctually. After my Daddy’s fatal car accident, photography, for me, allowed me to see beauty in the world again and now, in this present time of difficulty, photography has once again been a torch within this darkness, illuminating both my spirit and shedding light on the beauty that exists all around me.

Lately, I’ve been toying with manipulating photos by adding layers, either of the same image or by adding a second image taken in an entirely different space and taken at an entirely different time. This makes for some beautifully intriguing photos. The purpose of creating composites in this way lies in my belief that we are all connected, in all places and at all times. We are infinitely linked.

Part of the beauty of life lies within this invisible thread which connects. My images serve as a beautiful reminder of this. We’re all connected and time nor space can ever undo, destroy, nor separate those bonds which are eternal.

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