An afternoon of perfectly sunny weather, interrupted by a perfect storm. There are no mistakes in this life. There will be storms we cannot avoid for in everything, God has lessons.

Attachment to our perceived desired outcomes is the ego clenching tightly to something it does not own and cannot control.

Life is beyond our control… how are you responding to it?

By having a non-attachment approach to outcomes, we are always able to have an attitude of gratitude.

Let go of your need to be right, of the pride that holds you back, of anything that inspires your ego but stifles your spirit.

The key in life is to answer the calling of your spirit by quieting your ego. Ego is insecurity hoarding negative emotion and toxic energy while spirit is the part of you that gracefully lets go and goes on while keeping life’s lessons in mind.

Ps. I’ve always enjoyed rainstorms. What’s a “perfect” day without the undesired outcomes you learn to love?? ❤️

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