The other day (7/1/16), I began writing a letter to my unborn son. I’m not married/pregnant but, God willing one day I will be. 

I could only screenshot a portion of my note so you’ll see that it gets cut off abruptly… 

I may share the rest at a later time. 

I often think of my future sons… I think of their determination, strength, resiliency, their essence of pure ambition and love, their inspiring spirit that reminds me so much of my Father’s, who was a verrrry strong Black man. I was blessed to have my Father. To see a man display over and over again both tenderness and strength.

I can’t help but think of my future sons and that influences the decisions I make now. With whatever love you have and with whatever your talent is, use it to spark and inspire positive changes for our future generations. Change begins within, first with ourselves then our community. 
(Please excuse my somewhat repetitious intro. I didn’t intend to share this as I was just jotting down my personal thoughts…)

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