The other day I shared that trees have a circadian rhythm and that researchers discovered they also have a heartbeat.

Dr. András Zlinszky (Denmark) of Aarhus University, measured some trees lower their branches as much as 4 inches during the night while at rest and before sunrise, stretch their branches back out, reaching for optimal sunlight. This pumping process allows trees to pump water from its roots to its leaves. Why is this important? Well, amongst other essential roles trees play in nature, trees give us oxygen.

Try this: Before starting your day out in the world, be inspired by the trees. Stretch your arms to the sky. Say a pray of gratitude. Breathe in for a count of four seconds, hold for 7, breathe out, exhaling for 8 seconds.

As a young girl, I spent countless, afternoons swinging from a tire swing my Daddy made for me. The swing used to hang from one of my favorite, towering trees. The other morning, I spent time really admiring this beauty, thankful for all of the memories that were centered around this tree.

I clearly never noticed the “heartbeat” during all those times I swung from it’s limbs or ran carefree beneath the shelter of its swaying branches, but failure to witness, notice, or recognize this fact doesn’t make it any less of a fact. Nature is perfectly designed.

It really is a beautiful thought that right now, in this moment, things are happening for your good, to serve a higher purpose in your life at some point and just because you can’t see all of the story unfold, doesn’t mean it hasn’t long been written.

Remember, take time to stretch your arms out and reach for the sun. The stretch is an act of faith and gratitude for unseen blessings.

Your blessings may not always be immediately apparent, but trust that the Universe is unfolding in perfect, divine order.

Be patient.

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