Are we surprised? Are we surprised that a white woman pretended to be threatened while calling police on Christian Cooper, a Black man who was attempting to encourage her to follow the law? A law set in place to protect all people. Are we surprised at the entitlement that she, and so many others have shown us time and time again? Are we surprised that this white woman (who was clearly abusing her own dog in the video) felt she was above the law?

Are we surprised that a cop forcefully knelt on the neck of George Floyd, an innocent Black man who was suspected of forging a check at a corner store, and suffocated him as Floyd cried out, “Please, please, I can’t breathe”?

Are we surprised that the cop felt invincible in carrying out capital punishment for SUSPICION of a petty, NON-VIOLENT CRIME? Are we surprised that this sissy with a badge felt powerful enough to become judge and jury in those ten+ minutes while an innocent, distressed man lay on the ground at his mercy, dying at his hands while other officers stood by, passively watching?

Are we surprised at the arrogance being thrown in our faces?

Maybe its time that those threats that they irrationally see become real in the form of political power. We have to begin taking voting seriously at the local level, and I encourage all of us to consider how we can get involved in the politics that govern us.

If we want to see and execute change, we must vote.

Systematic racism enables the privilege that affords these crimes to rage on upon the land stained with the blood of innocent Blacks.

It’s time we realize that power and strength come from political involvement and influence, economic strength, education, and unity.


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